Three weeks later came the news that my mother will not survive. After many years with many different types of cancer the body could take no more. That's when I decide to tackle remind emotions and the thought of death. In many terms, it is about where we stand in life. As I sat next to my mother's bed came many thoughts over me. In my pictures, it is often a mix between the dark and hope. A melancholy mood. The project consists of a variety of self-portraits (non self-potraits). Portrait describe my feeling in the present. All images should be black and white. size 50x60 cm clown
A clown (U.S. Clowne , cloine , Cloyne bonnig , clumsy person, boor ; loan from German dialect ) , buffoon or fool is a type of comic artist who uses methods that mime and slapstick to amuse the audience. Clowns are known from England in the 1500s . The words “ clown “ and “ buffoon “ is also used figuratively for a person who is wont to entertain their fellow human beings in a more or less self- degrading manner. http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clown


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